The Claims Portal aims to support Pre-Action Protocols by providing a trusted, reliable, secure, swift, electronic communication system. The Claims Portal, developed by CRIF, is a secure electronic portal enabling communications via web services, and has the option of application to application (XML interfaces) with claimant lawyer's and insurers'/compensators' existing in-house systems. The Claims Portal facilitates secure electronic exchange of all information relating to a claim, including documentation, such as medical reports, between claimant lawyers and insurers/compensators.


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Service hours for the portal and Help Desk excluding Bank holidays are:

   * Monday to Friday 07:00 – 19:00

   * Saturday 08:00 – 14:00

Security message

As you may have heard, a widespread Internet security vulnerability nicknamed ‘Heartbleed’ was announced this week. Following the disclosure, we immediately took the actions needed to ensure the security of the Claims Portal service.

All our systems, along with their security certificates, have been scanned by our security specialists and we can confirm that the Claims Portal service has not been affected by Heartbleed as the vulnerable version of the OpenSSL library is not used.

We can reassure you that the Claims Portal has not been compromised in any way, therefore there is no need to update your password but you are of course free to change your password if you so wish.

Easter Claims Portal Helpdesk service hours

Please note, the Claims Portal Helpdesk service hours over the Easter period are as follows:



Thursday 17 April

7am – 7pm (normal hours)

Friday 18 April

Closed (National Holiday)

Saturday 19 April


Sunday 20 April

Closed (Outside Normal Service Hours)

Monday 21 April

Closed (National Holiday)

Tuesday 22 April

7am – 7pm (normal hours)

Any e-mails sent to the Helpdesk throughout this time will still receive a ticket and will be processed as soon as possible on the next business working day. The Helpdesk will return to standard service hours from the 22nd April.

Please note, although the Helpdesk will be available for shorter hours the Portal service will remain available and run to standard service hours which are detailed below (excluding bank holidays):

   * Monday to Friday 07:00 – 19:00

   * Saturday 08:00 – 14:00

Section: If you are an Administrator please remember to select the "Administration" option from this dropdown list before you click the button "Login"
Access Policies

Access to the Portal is governed by Portal User Agreements which set out the General Conditions of Use on which you may use the Portal provided by RTA Portal Co Limited.


If you have forgotten your username or password contact your internal DATA SECURITY or SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR.

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